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At Gagel’s Auto Parts in Tampa we save our customers’ hard earned money by selling used auto parts from vehicles that have been in accidents. Just as with many junk yards, we choose used auto parts that allow you to cut costs on those items that are hidden out of view.

We ensure that all of the parts pulled from our salvage yard and used in repair shops are up-to-code and at the level of service that we demand for our customers. At the same rate, we understand that paying exorbitant fees for auto parts is not acceptable, and so we pass on the savings to you.

Let us put our skills to work using the recovered auto parts from our location. Our service uses a variety of repair areas by selling parts often found in junk yardsincluding:


Junk yards, such as our salvage yard, regularly receive gently used or like new vehicle parts that have been on an automobile that was salvaged for a variety of reasons. For instance, a car that was junked because the former owner left it abandoned in a police impound may have parts in perfectly good condition. Other instances occur when someone has their car deemed totaled after a minor accident in order to receive auto insurance coverage. Here at Gagel’s Auto Parts you’ll find these gently used parts sold at affordable prices ready for vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Contact us today to find the parts your vehicle needs for a cost saving repair in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Sarasota and surrounding communities.

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