Remove Junk Car

<h3>Remove Junk Car Service In Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, Bradenton & Surrounding Greater Tampa Bay Areas </h3>
<p><img src=”http://gagelsautoparts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/remove-junk-car.jpg” alt=”Remove Junk Car” width=”315″ height=”209″ border=”0″ align=”right” />Gagel’s Auto Parts is known for their inspected, clean, quality and guaranteed <a href=”http://www.gagelsautoparts.com/used-parts-florida.html”>used auto parts in Florida</a>. Did you know that we can also buy and remove junk car and other vehicles? </p>
<p>Junk cars and trucks can be an eyesore. You or someone you know may have a junk car to be removed. We will send out a tow truck to pick up your junk car at your convenience and in most cases if you cash in hand. Gagel’s Auto Parts will take the junk car off your hands and disassemble the vehicle for reusable car parts while properly disposing the junk parts.</p>
<p>We will remove junk cars such as:</p>
<li>Cars: Chevrolet Impala, Toyota Camry, Cadillac CTS</li>
<li>SUV’s: Ford Escape, Dodge Durango, Chevrolet Tahoe </li>
<li>Hybrids: Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius, VW Jetta </li>
<li>Trucks: Ford Ranger, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Frontier</li>
<li>Foreign cars: Honda Accord, Toyota Celica, Nissan Altima </li>
<p>If you decide that you don’t want that vehicle any more, <a href=”http://www.gagelsautoparts.com/we-buy-junk-cars.html”>we buy junk cars</a>.  It doesn’t matter what year or what shape it is in.  We can get rid of it for you. There is no better time than now to remove that junk car. We service the greater Tampa area and that including St. Petersburg, Brandon, Sarasota, Clearwater and more. Let us know what you have and we will make the arrangements. It’s fast and simple with Gagel’s! </p>
<p>You know Gagel’s for great, reliable and clean auto parts.  Now, you can also turn to Gagel’s Auto Parts to <a href=”http://www.gagelsautoparts.com”>remove junk car</a> and other vehicles that are no longer running or are too expensive to fix.  For car removal and car parts, <a href=”http://www.gagelsautoparts.com/request_a_part.html”>contact</a> Gagel’s for all your automotive needs.</p>

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