Donate Junk Car

Donate Junk Car For Recycled Parts In Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, Bradenton & Plant City

Donate Junk CarYou have two vehicles that you really want to get rid of, and you do not want the hassles of selling them. One vehicle runs well, and the other is inoperable, what are your options? Number one, you can give your running or non-running vehicle as a donate junk car to charity. Number two, you could have a salvage yard, such as, Gagel’s Auto Parts in Tampa pick the vehicles up, and they will recycle the usable car parts for other vehicle repairs. Gagel’s will arrange for junk car removal from your property.

Gagel’s Auto Parts is leading the way for quality replacement auto parts. Our company has a large number of used car and used truck parts from all makes and models of cars, SUVs, hybrid, light duty trucks. Most vehicles have some parts that are re usable such as used engines, replacement transmissions, tailgates, windows motos, ac compressors and more.

Benefits of Gagel’s to donate your junk car include:

  • quick removal of the unwanted vehicle
  • proper disposal of unusable car parts
  • recycling the useable working parts

Contact Gagel’s Auto Parts if you want to get rid of running or non-running vehicles that are just sitting around on your property. Junk car removal is easy through the right company, we can help you donate junk car to recycle the parts for repairs.

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