Junk Car Removal

Junk Car Removal For Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Gibsonton , Plant City & Across Tampa Bay

Junk Car RemovalEvery year thousands of cars are wasting away in garages, driveways, and private lots.  Considered “junk” because they’re no longer drivable, look bad, or are simply no longer wanted, these cars can nevertheless still serve a useful purpose and you can earn cash for your junk car.

Other than the fact that they de-beautify a neighborhood, junk cars also pose the following a number of problems and dangers:

  • Leaking fluid or chemicals can pose a danger to children and pets
  • Attracting dangerous pests such as rats, spiders or snakes
  • Debris like broken glass or metal shards may pose a hazard

The main thing to realize, though, is that you are not deriving any benefits from said vehicles–nor is anyone else. So, we can offer our junk car removal service for a win/win situation.

Not only will your neighbors and family members be thrilled, but you can also rest assured that the vehicle Gagels’s salvage yard will have towed away will be put to good use, reusing the salvageable parts and recycling what can no longer be used. Our friendly team at Gagels Auto Parts invites you to contact us for your junk car removal right now and may even offer cash for your clunker.

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